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We are so glad to join you in community at the Traditional Ways Gathering.

Whether you are attending for the first time, or have been with us for many summers, here are a few guidelines for setting up camp and signing up for classes:

Camp Space Guidelines

At the Traditional Ways Gathering, we are fortunate to have access to a beautiful stretch of Lake Superior shoreline on which to camp and conduct classes. The site is mostly forested, with a few roads cut through to grassy campsites. We all share space during the gathering and want everyone to have access to what they need to be comfortable. To that end, here are some guidelines for setting up your camp:

Use Space Efficiently

If you’re the first to show up to a camp space, don’t set up right in the middle of the field. Start at the edges, and work your way in. Leave space for privacy and for walkways between camps, but be sure to keep things tight so that we can all fit! 

Bring Reasonable Accomodations

With van life, tiny homes, schoolies and other mobile abodes rising in popularity these days, we need to draw some boundaries. The gathering is primarily a tent camping event. In the spirit of minimizing impact and sharing space, we ask that school buses, large RV’s, tiny homes, and large camper trailers are not brought to the gathering. Campers under 12ft that have two or more people in them, teardrop-style trailers, and other small portable structures are acceptable if needed, but we still encourage tent camping. 

Cooperate with Neighbors

If every participant at the gathering set up their own sitting areas, gazebos and outdoor kitchens, we would not all fit. With that in mind, we ask that participants refrain from setting up additional large structures for personal use. However, we encourage you to set up those structures if they are shared with those around you. Coordinated outdoor kitchens that feed larger groups of people during the gathering can be a great way to support each other and build relationships, as can communal gazebos for hanging out, playing cards and escaping the mosquitos!

Think of Those Yet to Come

When you are setting up camp, be mindful that there are many others who will arrive wanting to set up after you, even later into the week. Don’t assume that all the space left is available to spread out into. Leave space for latecomers. 

If you have access needs related to these guidelines, please reach out to us!

We would like to have you and are willing to have a conversation about how you could participate fully. 

Class Sign-Up Guide

At the Traditional Ways Gathering, we take an organic, relational approach to organizing classes. 


On Sunday afternoon there will be a “class symposium”. This is a time where most of the instructors set up on the main road and show what their classes are all about. They may have materials for the class on display, be actively working on an example of the class project, or just be ready to answer questions and have conversation.


As a participant, this is your time to explore what is available, and sign-up for the classes you want to take for the rest of the week. Each instructor decides what their class capacity is, and keeps a list of people who sign up. Some classes may require a fee for materials provided by the instructor. This is worked out between instructors and participants at the time of signing up. 


We strongly encourage every participant to plan to be present on Sunday afternoon to explore and sign up for classes. We do ask instructors to save several spots in their classes for folks who inevitably show up later in the week. If you arrive at camp after Sunday you will be able to participate, but there is no guarantee that you will get to partake in the classes you most want to. You may be left with limited options, most classes having been filled. 

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