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Meet the Team



April Ogimaakwe Stone

she/her   |   Tribal Liason & Logistics Coordinator

April attended the first gathering out of interest for craft and community. What started small, began to grow and revealed itself as part of the larger picture regarding life and living. Anishinaabe prophecy tells of a time when a new people would emerge to retrace their steps to find what was left beside the trail. She believes this gathering to be part of that work.

April is a mother, sister, auntie, and friend. She is a black ash basket maker and member of the Bad River band. She lives on the very southeast corner of the reservation.

Founding board member, 2006

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Dan Spuhler

he/him    |   Registration Coordinator

Dan has been drawn to the 'Old Ways' for as long as he can remember. At first, it was just about 'doing' the skills. Over time, it became a deeper feeling, a way of connecting with ancestors from thousands of years ago. The skills, the gathering, the community: it all just feels right.


Dan joined the board in 2012.


Elizabeth Post

she/her   |   Volunteer Coordinator

Elizabeth Post is an educator and a mother who loves being outside and learning traditional skills and lifeways. She lives in Washburn WI and has attended the Gathering since its first year.. She believes in knowing how to live in harmony with our planet and feels that the Gathering offers a refreshing and inspiring learning community to be a part of.

Elizabeth joined the board in 2022.


Margarita Mac


Margarita lives in Minneapolis, MN. The Traditional Ways Gathering manifests her dream of a nurturing, beloved community continually opening to the miracle of being alive. Sharing traditional skills in addition to that is a bonus.

Margarita joined the board in early 2024.


Liam DelMain


Liam lives in a little apartment in the city of Bayfield, their hometown. They have attended the gathering as a volunteer, instructor, and facilitator of camp-wide games. They love the village feel of the gathering, and the special ways that it brings people together. You'll be hard pressed to catch them attending classes though! Instead, find them playing in the lake, cooking food with their friends, playing music by the roundhouse, or just wandering up and down camp chatting the day away.

Liam joined the board in early 2024.

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Pat Norton


Coming soon.





After being fed backstrap "salad" by some previous Trad Ways alumni, Stick was informed that the Gathering existed. Being a third generation Boy Scout, and a lover of all things not T.V., he quickly made the drive to da up north. A few years later, after helping tear down the tents, cause why wouldn’t ya help, he was asked to become the volunteer Shepherd, which he humbly agreed to. Since that first gathering year, coming to the shores of Gitchi gami, Stick has moved up north to be close to the lake, da woods, and the Traditional Ways family. He spends his life being a papa, riding bikes, fixing bikes, playing on dem skateboards, and planting perennials.

Stick officially became the Volunteer Shepherd in 2015.


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Michael Scribner-O’Pray


Michael is a pediatric trauma nurse.  He has worked in the Minneapolis Emergency Department of Children’s Minnesota for 23 years.

Michael has served as our camp nurse for 13 years.  He loves the gathering because it is a place where people of many different generations and backgrounds come together to reconnect with each other, the earth, and the best parts of ourselves.  We get to run free, explore, create, ask questions, build new skills, learn, share our wisdom, heartache, and joy.  The gathering is also where I have met many of my best friends and so many people I admire.

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